Being charged with a crime is one of the most challenging times in any person's life.  For the first 8 years of his career, Attorney Wishau served as Assistant District Attorney for Racine County.  During that time, Attorney Wishau served as lead counsel in thousands of cases ranging from the simplest of misdemeanor cases to the most complex felonies.  He represented the State in all matter of pretrial hearings including initial appearences, preliminary hearings, and motion hearings.  He also served as lead counsel in dozens of jury trials. 

         After leaving the District Attorney's Office, Attorney Wishau has helped clients facing criminal charges including, Armed Robbery, Drug Charges, Burglary, Battery, Disorderly Conduct, Retail Theft, Weapons Charges, Sexual Assault, Stalking, and Identity Theft. 

        Attorney Wishau takes a systematic approach to cases in criminal court.  Using discovery and open records requests, he will get all of the information available to determine whether the police illegally obtained any evidence that can ultimately be suppressed.  Once this is done, he has open and frank conversations with his clients about their chances at trial. 

       While he is doing this, Attorney Wishau negotiates with the District Attorney in an effort to get the best offer possible in order to help his client.  Whether this be a negotiated dismissal, a plea to a lesser charge, or a reduced penalty, Attorney Wishau will get the best result for you.